As Freddie Mercury once sang “THE FWF MUST GO OOOON”
If you wish to continue to support faith within fitness & FWF RUN, then leave your £20 monthly membership active, but understand if you need to cancel.

- Unlimited ZOOM sessions - Pilates Core, Strength & Conditioning and HIIT.
- Goal Coaching appointment to help with structure and accountability. 
- A link to be a member of KRU many training options from abs, stretch, strength & conditioning & more, all done at home with your virtual trainer. 

- you can use my YouTube page for free anytime, with short sessions and also the famous “minute Motivation” programs done by myself. But also I will be release bonus workout material through MyPTHub app for FWF members. 

I have a WhatsApp group for both group Group Training and FWF RUN, so just ask to join up to see what’s happening and weekly motivation. This can also be found on my Facebook page. faith within fitness & FWF RUN. 

If you would like to join the £20 monthly membership then please get in touch for further details of how to sign up for this virtual package. However if your not able to pay at this time we run a "PRAY AS YOU GO" scheme. FWF just want to encourage people to stay safe and stay active ...

St. Peter’s Baptist Church is offering pastoral support if you need someone to talk with confidentially. 
Continue being the family community of supporting one another, as we’re all vulnerable in some way. WE ARE FWF!
Let’s continue our journey together as life doesn’t just stop, it evolves.

Keep the Faith ..

Coach Spencer, Ilse & Boontjie. 

- Clare Dalton, FWF Member & Crew

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​Week 22

 "Brain Bombardment"

Every Monday throughout 2020 I will be releasing a Monday motivation. Be Inspired to implement weekly habits; which done over a year; you'll have 52 new habits in place. That's better than New Years resolutions hey. 

​If you have any suggestions for a motivation, then get in touch ...

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Click and download your weekly menu and shopping list template. "Structure = Freedom" save money, stress and time.

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“Strong people don’t put others     down. They lift them up.” 

- Rich Froning

(World CrossFit Champion 2011/14)

70% of change "food"




  We are FWF community ...

My FWF journey with 6 legs and a massive heart

I joined FWF runners in 2018 when I was a simple 5km runner every now and then. I joined because I wanted to be part of something for me and FWF was local. With a busy life of work, family and responsibilities I needed somewhere I could let of the frustrations of living and keep fit! We meet on Mondays at 6pm and different groups go off on different distances and speeds. I don't attend alone I go along with my Husky Dog Kenzi. He loves seeing his ladies in the running group. We have run through the different seasons. long summer nights, wet cold evenings, Christmas theme to the Cathedral and even hailstorms!!! But in all this fitness journey, the one thing I was not expecting to gain was a family. I have trained for runs as a group with FWF supporting each other, the Crowle 10km is one of our favourites, the residents go out of their way to support the run.

I guess this “fit with the FWF ethos” which is why I might like it so much. I have run the Great North run with help, support and training from the FWF crew. FWF runners became affiliated in 2019, which is an amazing achievement for a small running group. I am on the social committee, supporting the fundraising and events for our members. I decided to join the coach team as I wanted to give more and improve my knowledge around fitness, So I attended a UKA training course with my fitness pal Sharon. Ilse and Sharon FWF coaches have been part of my sense of belonging and my fitness journey, encouraging and believing in me, when I thought I was not capable.

I joined the FWF Group Training side in January 2020, after finishing at a gym which I had been training at for the 3 peaks challenge. I wasn’t sure what to do; join another Gym or join our Coach Spencer's group FWF classes.  My daughter gave me the nudge I needed, and I joined FWF. I can officially say that was the best thing I did.

My support circle not just for my physical wellbeing but my mental and emotion too got really big! Spencer has a way to make exercise fun, provides the individual coaching and support you need for to get to your goal and the encouragement to achieve it. My personal goal is to keep fit physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, FWF has provided this. It has even opened new doors to a faith. So, my journey and destination was to start with all about me, but now it’s about the group I belong too and the members within it. I can truly say during this uncertain time during Covid - 19. Coach Spencer has provided me with virtual fitness classes, personal positivity even from a far, this is for life and the long haul.