Faith Within Fitness is all about a community of people who support, encourage, motivate and socialise with each other both in and out of the classes.

I have taught classes both at sea on cruise ships and land based. What stood out to me is that the most motivated individuals were the ones who are in a community of like minded positive people. I have worked in Gyms and Studios in which the attendees don't interact with one another; they turn up do the class or train then leave. If you are going to keep healthy you need to find something that is suitable for you. At Faith Within Fitness there is something for everyone.

Myself and my wife Ilse, behind me in the photo; we strive to help maintain a healthy balance in life with our Fitness, Food, Friendship and our Christian Faith. I know the struggles with food addiction and use all these 4 areas to live life to the MAX. All the Faith Within Fitness programs we do are physical training, but if you are interested in the foundations of Christianity then we have a program called F3Unite (Faith, Fellowship & Fitness); you can find out more by clicking on the top of the page.

There is a program for everyone so,

Be Inspired


Inspire Others

Spencer & Ilse Morris-Casey