If you get bored running alone then come join a community of Runner's. Learn Technique, boost your Personal Bests and set goals and join yearly 5km, 10km, Mud run's etc. For all levels of fitness.

NOTE: Even though we will be teaching safe technique; all attendees in this session will be responsible for their own safety, current injury and injury prevention. (45 minutes session)

Monday - 6:30pm (Running Community for all Fitness Levels)

Classes based @ st.peter's baptist


This 30 Minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) you will Burn Calories for the next 24 to 48 hours, Learn safe technique, Build strength and work in a group of enthusiastic like minded people who want results! "Push till you can't and rest till you can" (30 Minutes Class)

Wednesday - 7:15pm (Mid week shake up!)

Saturday - 9am (Welcome in the weekend)

1.2.1 personal training or 6 week transformation package

Benefits of 1.2.1 Training

  • Video Blog Accountability
  • Food logging & Nutritional Advice / Guidance
  • Learn to push boundaries in your 1.2.1 sessions
  • Goal Setting and Tracking
  • Measurement & Weight Tracking
  • Free Consultation
  • Ask about our 6 week Transformation package

Book in for your Free consultation to find out more...see prices for more details


A Feasting Fusion of Dance styles from around the World. Turn up to the Party, dance, have fun, burn calories and ill guarantee you'll be leaving the class with a BIG smile and toe tapping to your next destination. (45 minutes class)

Wednesday - 6.15pm (Bring on the dancing!)

Foam Roller wORKSHOP

Coming soon for 2018! (TBC)

Benefits of Foam Rolling:

  • Prevents Injury & Helps aid recovery
  • Improves Mobility & Releases Muscle Tension
  • Self Massage, prevention is better than cure!

In this 90 minute Workshop we will learn what it does, how to use it, safety, question and answer. You will receive a Manual, free bottle of water (always stay hydrated) and Foam Roller; if you have your own then there is a reduced price.

Only 15 Places. Phone to Book a place on the course

"As with all Spencer's classes the Foam Roller Workshop is great. It is a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with informative stretches that will suit all ages and abilities. It gives you the starting point you need to go away and do it at home. I know after training I can refer to my booklet to get the desired stretch for the muscles I've been working"

- Kelly Jones (Attends MetaFit & Pilates Class)

Welcome, there is something for everyone

PILATES: This exercise method is designed to elongate, re-introduce your body’s postural alignment, restore and heighten your senses and body awareness. Build strong tension free muscles and pure core strength. It’s time to stay POSTURED! (50 minutes class)

Monday - 10am (Break the Monday Blue's)

Friday - 6:30pm (Shake off the week & Welcome the Weekend)