Dates for 2016:

  • To be confirmed

PLACE: St. Peter's Baptist Church or out and about

TIME: To be confirmed

DAniel Plan

We meet once a month on a Saturday, make some healthy food together (Pancakes is my favorite) Through this group exploration we read to get a better and a stronger understanding of the bible, which really opens up teachings of the past which is relevant in our lives today, tomorrow and the future.etc

We also arrange active social time such as paddle boarding, walks, bowling, Go ape etc.

We Have a Messenger Group which anybody can join...we send messages of encouragement, prayer requests & scripture.

In Christ We Train!

Dates for 2016:

  • To be confirmed

PLACE: To be confirmed

TIME: 10am brunch

F3unite community (flex those spiritual biceps)

Rick Warren from Saddle back Church takes us on a 6 week DVD group study of Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus and Friendship. This is a great way to see what needs balancing within our lives to live life that was created for us, and what we need to work on to build up endurance for the race set out for us.