*Classes based at St. Peters Baptist Church

Pilates – This exercise method is designed to elongate, re-introduce your body’s postural alignment, restore and heighten your senses and body awareness. Build strong tension free muscles and pure core strength. It’s time to stay POSTURED!

   (50 minutes program)

PureStretch – This class has the benefits of yoga and Pilates. By using different styles of stretching, muscle and core activation, trigger point release techniques this class is in a league of its own. Flexibility is the key to easing out aches and pains, injury prevention, muscle recovery and helps build stronger muscles “Movement for Improvement”

   (45 minutes program)


MetaFit – The bodyweight training system is an effective way to burn fat you need to change the resting metabolism and increase muscle definition. By working big muscle groups with high intensity intervals to fire up your body to get quick results! Enough of doing slow boring cardio, this 30 minute workout will bring out a new you. Adaptable to all fitness levels.

MetaPWR – The next level up from MetaFit. It’s HIIT (High Intensity Interval training, but with equipment) battle ropes, Kettlebells, Power Bags, Slam Balls etc.

   (40 minutes Program)

FWF RUN (Runner’s Club) – This is for all Levels of Fitness. If you are looking to start running or figuring out how to boost your endurance and training technique, then this is for you. This program is suitable from couch to 5km and beyond

   (45 minutes, times can vary)


“fwf:gold” – A class designed for 60+, but also can be used if you have ME, MS, Fibromyalgia or difficulty due to movement restrictions. This class is dominantly using a chair a support aid which in the session we work on "FABS" technique (Flexibility, Aerobic, Balance and Stretch conditioning) which allows the attendee to stay strong and independent in daily life.

  (30 minutes Programs)

​​1-2-1 personal Training If you want to take training to the next level and make it more of a personal program, then 1-2-1 training is for you. have your own access to myPTHub account for Accountability.

1 Personal Training per Session - £40
10 Session package (get 1 Free) - £400


6 week Total Transformation Package - 6 Week Transformation Package is not just about changing the body, but we work together bringing in life coaching techniques to help change  life habits. diets fail due to pushing the body in exercise and starving the body; when we stop the diet then weight piles on twice fold. we forget that the main muscle to train is the mind, weight loss is the bi-product of changing are we think and then our relationship with food and drink.

£500 (saving of £220) 18 sessions of Personal Training, Youtube video and  your own myPTHub account for Accountability

- Are you ready to Transform?!