ilse morris-casey

Embracing running 15 years ago, fighting Chronic Fatigue (M.E.) the past 9 years. Ilse wanted to share her passion of running and wellbeing, which turned into FWF RUN. She is married to a handsome, house trained husband :)

​​Spencer Morris-Casey

After dealing with an eating disorder most of my life, I have brought balance by bringing fitness and faith to help change me from the inside out. I want to share that with others also ...


Founded in 2011, faith within fitness was a result of wanting to see a change of how people saw health and wellness. Watching the fitness industry changing around me and seeing people getting too focused on how you look, what the latest diet fad was, the latest ab machine etc. etc. What we teach is life balance through whatever you want to work on, whether it's FITNESS, FOOD, FRIENDSHIP, FOCUS or even FAITH.

The world around us talks about "More is Better", but it always goes back to the KISS theory "keep it simply simple". Life is to be enjoyed and if we Honour our bodies, it will Honour us! You'll find our classes very welcoming and "WE HAVE FUN, BUT GET THE WORK DONE!"


  • Variety of Membership Plans 
  • Monthly "Freedom In Life" Workshops
  • Programs for all ages
  • FWF Family Socials 
  • Affiliated Runners Club 
  • YouTube videos to keep you motivated
  • Friendly Class Environment
  • Level 3 Instructor & Life Coach
  • REPS certified & PLI Insured
  • Facebook & Social media platforms to keep you informed, but also accountable
  • Transformation Package Program whether in small group or 1-2-1
  • Unique Fitness OR Faith OR a combination programs

meet our community coaches ...

About our FWF community

Sharon price

FWF RUN coach is our long distance runner specialist. She likes to train, plan routes and share her wicked good smile!